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Guilty Beyond a Reasonable Doubt?

WHAT IS: GUILTY BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT? Most of us are familiar with the term, GUILTY BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.  It is the standard of proof required to convict someone criminally in the United States. In any trial, the judge who presides over t… Read More
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How Should I Dress For Court?

How Should I DRESS FOR CRIMINAL COURT?  If you are a male, then you SHOULD wear a suit and tie. If you are a female, you should wear equally respectful clothing. There is no law or rule that requires a defendant to wear certain clothing to court. So… Read More
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Bail Basics: What is Bail | How it Works

Bail Basics: What Bail Is, How It Works Bail is the act of giving money to the government in a criminal court until that case is completed or closed.  The person who pays the bail gets their money (bail) back as long as the person never misses a cou… Read More
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Driving License Suspension for Drug Charges

Governor Baker signed a new law on March 30th 2016 that will end automatic license suspensions for people convicted of possessing or distributing illegal drugs. Previous to signing the law on March 30th anyone who received a guilty on any drug charge… Read More
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Criminal Defense--an Overview

The criminal justice system can be confusing and overwhelming. For guidance about criminal procedures and help building a defense, contact a skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. Learn the Information You Need About Your Criminal Defen… Read More
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