Experienced Lawyer for Probation Violations

Experienced Lawyer for Probation Violations

Probation places a series of restrictions on your activities. Unfortunately, many people each year find themselves accused of violating these restrictions. If the probation department violates you, contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney can be essential to protecting your rights and your freedom.

William Barabino is a successful lawyer for probation violation cases because of his experience and intense preparation. Mr. Barabino knows the strategies probation officers use to punish offenders for alleged violations, and he negotiates with them to achieve the best possible results for his clients.

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Activities that Could Trigger a Probation Violation

Probation often includes one or more rules from the judge that prohibit the defendant from visiting certain places or people. If the defendant breaks these rules, it's a probation violation. There are also several other ways to trigger a violation of probation:

  • Failure to report to probation as required: A defendant's probation may require him or her to report to a probation officer at scheduled times. Failure to report as scheduled may result in a probation violation.
  • Failure to comply with the court ordered terms of probation: Several terms — like abstaining from drugs and alcohol — may be part of an original probationer's contract. Failing a drug test can lead to a probation violation.
  • Failure to make agreed upon payment for court fees, probation fees or court mandated restitution: If the defendant doesn't pay a fine or pay restitution to a victim as ordered, the probation department may consider this failure a probation violation
    Conviction for a new crime: Conviction for a new crime will be a probation violation.
  • Being arrested for a new offense: Regardless of whether someone on probation is charged with a crime, if he or she is arrested during probation, it may be considered a probation violation. Many probationers do not realize that they can still be found in violation of probation — even if they are found not guilty.

You may have several options for challenging an alleged violation at a probation surrender hearing. Depending on your situation, you may be able to successfully bring a motion to dismiss the violation. It may also be possible to convince the Probation Department to withdraw their complaint altogether.

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