When someone is charged with a firearms-related crime, like unlawful possession or unlawful carrying of a firearm, it’s time to contact Criminal Defense Attorney William J. Barabino.

Mr. Barabino is a strong advocate of protecting the Second Amendment rights of his clients in the Commonwealth. He has years of legal experience, which include defending honest gun owners who have been wrongfully accused of violating Massachusetts’s gun laws.

Technical Knowledge and Experience to Protect You

As an Army officer and paratrooper, Mr. Barabino not only possesses exceptional legal knowledge of Commonwealth firearms law, but he also uniquely possesses the technical knowledge of how to manage, operate, and maintain a firearm, a special area of expertise that has a proven track record of strengthening the defenses of his clients.

Mr. Barabino has represented people who have been accused of a wide range of firearms-related criminal offenses:

  • Unlawfully carrying a firearm
  • Illegally possessing a firearm
  • Illegally possessing ammunition
  • Unlawfully storing ammunition
  • License to Carry (LTC) offenses
  • Illegal firearms sales

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If you are facing charges, and are under investigation for a firearms-related offense, contact Greater Boston Area criminal defense attorney and firearms defense Attorney William J. Barabino. Call his Medford, Massachusetts law office at 781-393-5900 or complete his online contact form, which you can find here.