Serving Those Accused of Domestic Violence

Serving Those Accused of Domestic Violence

In the blink of an eye, a household situation can get out of hand. Actions can be taken that were never intended and false accusations can be made. Often, the police become involved and someone is charged with domestic violence.

If you have become involved in the criminal justice system because of allegations of domestic violence, take action to protect your rights and your freedom. Contact the Medford, Massachusetts, law office of William Barabino by calling 781-393-5900 to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

Mr. Barabino is an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands that people often become involved in criminal domestic assault and battery allegations against their best intentions. He seeks to resolve these matters efficiently and effectively.

The Consequences of Domestic Assault and Battery

When domestic assault and battery are reported, they are usually investigated by local and state law enforcement authorities, as well as by the Massachusetts Department of Social Services. These authorities often prosecute the accused forcefully and place harsh consequences on them if they are convicted.

Consequences for a domestic assault and battery conviction include jail time. A conviction can also keep you from obtaining a firearm or lead to losing child custody and visitation rights. Because of these severe consequences, criminal defense attorney William Barabino fights hard for clients to help them achieve the best possible results.

Domestic assault and battery situations involve unique factors and as an experienced criminal defense attorney Mr. Barabino has the skill and knowledge to handle them all. He also assists people accused of violating a restraining order. Domestic Assault and Battery charges may also find themselves charged with strangulation or suffocation, intimidation of a witness, or assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. One incident can easily spiral into several separate charges.

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If you are facing charges for criminal domestic violence, violating a restraining order, or are currently under investigation, contact criminal defense lawyer William Barabino by calling his Medford, Massachusetts, law office at 781-393-5900. You may also complete his online contact form.

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