Attorney for People Under Police Investigation

Attorney for People Under Police Investigation

If you believe that the police are investigating you for criminal activity, contact a criminal defense lawyer right away. The longer you wait, the more you risk the negative consequences of being arrested or ordered to court to answer for a charge.

For over 15 years the Law Office of William J. Barabino has successfully represented people under police investigation. Act now and contact Medford lawyer William Barabino by calling his law office at 781-393-5900.

Why You Could be Under Investigation

It is law enforcement’s job to investigate allegations of crimes. Sometimes people make mistakes and find themselves involved in criminal activity. Other times, it’s the police who are mistaken for investigating people who have done nothing wrong.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little clarification and background to stop a crime from being formally charged. Even if you are eventually charged with a crime, the effort and advocacy of acting early can ensure that you are for ready for the legal battle that you will face later.

When you are under investigation, there are a number of things that can be done to ensure that you are placed in the best position for whatever comes your way.

Negotiations and Background Preparation

In addition to speaking on your behalf, a lawyer’s job is to negotiate with police and the district attorney. Effective pre-arrest negotiations may make the difference between an investigation moving forward or shutting down.

A good lawyer will also take the time to review your background. At the Law Office of William J. Barabino, we believe that this is an essential responsibility of your lawyer. At our office, we conduct full interviews of our clients and prepare background memoranda and materials for police and district attorneys to review. The people investigating you typically do not know much about you, so it is important to give them a good idea of who you are and the good things that you are doing in life.

At our office, we also take the time to educate our clients on what the process of being under investigation is like and what they can expect. For many people, the anxiety of potentially being charged with a crime can be overwhelming. A person in this position undoubtedly has questions. Are they going to jail? Will they have a criminal record? Can the charges be dismissed? Will their name be in the newspaper? Will it affect their employment?

Rest assured that your lawyer will be available to answer all your questions so you feel as comfortable and prepared as possible.

Your Attorney is Your Advocate

If the police are investigating you, the investigating officer often requests an interview. It is highly recommended that you do not speak with any law enforcement agent on your own. If there is a need to communicate something to the investigators, your lawyer will do that on your behalf.

At our office we always respond to police inquires and ensure that all communications are respectful and professional. Most investigating officers will understand that once you are represented by counsel that you will no longer be speaking to the police yourself.

Your attorney knows that there can be strategic value to speaking with the police. Generally, when questions are asked, this provides a useful opportunity to discuss the case and guide the police in the right direction. If it appears that charges will be filed, this also opens up an opportunity for a discussion about how and when to turn the person into the court and hopefully avoid having the police come and arrest you at home or work.

Safeguarding Your Case

Regardless of the reasons police are investigating you, it is essential that you save all evidence that you think may be important. What we do at the early stages of an investigation may positively influence the final outcome of the case. Many times, the amount and type of evidence available can make all the difference.


Photographs are a key piece of evidence that you should try to preserve.

For example, if a person is being accused of participating in a fight, but there is no evidence of marks of bruises on their body, this evidence could help stop a criminal charge from being filed. The best way to preserve this evidence would be to take pictures and save those photographs for later. Often times, people will experience some bruising or scratches in a physical altercation. The presence or absence of these marks could be a key factor in proving to the court that you were or were not involved in a particular event.

Accident Reconstruction

When an allegation involves a motor vehicle accident, a professional accident reconstruction can be an essential part of intervening early to protect you from a criminal charge. Skid marks and black boxes record information of the accident which, if not preserved, will be lost forever in a criminal allegation where there is a motor vehicle involved.

Electronic Evidence

Criminal allegations also frequently involve electronic evidence. That electronic evidence could include text messages, emails, voicemails, and video recordings. Like other types of evidence, electronic evidence can make a big difference in whether or not your case makes it to court and, if so, what kind of defense you will make.

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