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Use of Vehicle Without Authority

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90, Section 24(2)(a) punishes people who use a motor vehicle without authority knowing that doing so is unauthorized. An important element to this offense is knowledge—a person must know that they are using the ve… Read More
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License or Authority

What can I do with a license? It is the burden of the Commonwealth to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you did not have license or authority to do something when you are charged with a crime. However, under G.L. c. 278 § 7 a person relying on a… Read More
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Admission by Silence

Can I go to jail if I do not speak to police? Recently, a client called concerned that she DID NOT respond to accusations from police when she was accused of shoplifting. While in the parking lot of a store she was confronted by police. The police wa… Read More
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Duress Defense

What is duress? In some legal situations, duress may excuse a person’s committing of what otherwise would be a criminal offense. Duress is a form of coercion. It is constraint illegally exercised to force someone to perform an act. Massachusetts’… Read More
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Larceny by Check

What is larceny by check? Above all, larceny by check involves obtaining goods or services by writing a check with knowledge of insufficient funds and with intent to defraud. Note that “larceny by stealing” is a different legal offense than larce… Read More
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Phone Betting

What is phone betting? A defendant is charged with the crime of “use of telephone for betting” when he or she unlawfully is (ONE OR MORE): Using a telephone Permitting a telephone …for betting purposes. What is the law on phone betting? Commonw… Read More
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Legal Inferences

What is an inference? A permissible deduction accepted as believable is an inference. In other words, inferences are little steps in reasoning in which a person takes some known information, applies his or her experience in life to it, and then draws… Read More
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Resisting Arrest

What is Resisting Arrest? In Massachusetts, under M.G.L. c. 268, §32B, a person can be convicted of Resisting Arrest. Resisting Arrest means knowingly preventing or attempting to prevent a police officer from making an arrest by using or threatening… Read More
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Criminal Harassment

What is criminal harassment? Harassment can be a crime in Massachusetts and may result in a Harassment Prevention Order being issued. Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265, Section 43A a person who engages in a knowing pattern of conduct or sp… Read More
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Larceny By Stealing

What is larceny by stealing? There are different types of larceny crimes. Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266, Section 30 a person who intentionally takes the personal property of another can be convicted of Larceny by Stealing. What is larc… Read More
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