Harassment Prevention Order

Harassment Prevention Order


Years of Legal Counsel on Managing Harassment Prevention Orders

Being harassed, stalked, or sexually assaulted is not only scary but can also be severely traumatizing. Similarly, being falsely accused of harassment can be harmful as well, jeopardizing careers and relationships with others.

Massachusetts’s “harassment prevention law,” commonly called Chapter 258E, was created to protect all people in the state from harassment, stalking, and sexual assault. The harassment prevention law can be used to protect you against anyone. The law allows you to seek a court order protecting you from harassment if you feel threatened or are a victim of a crime. This order goes by many names, like:

  • A 258E order
  • A harassment prevention order
  • A restraining order
  • A protective order

Regardless of what you or others call them, Attorney Barabino can answer all your legal questions about harassment prevention orders.

A Knowledgeable and Experienced Attorney in Harassment Prevention Orders

Over Attorney Barabino’s many years practicing criminal law, he has taken up many harassment prevention order cases. Whether a client is seeking an order against another or has been unjustly issued an order, Attorney Barabino is ready to stand up for you.

Remember that once a harassment order is filed the timeline for action is short. Often, people have only ten days to prepare for a full evidentiary hearing. Don’t delay. Call the Law Office of William J. Barabino to get yourself ready for your case.

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