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False License Plate

This post will answer some frequently asked questions on the crime of having the wrong license plate on a motor vehicle. What is attaching wrong plates to conceal identity? Under Commonwealth law, it is a crime to attach the wrong license plates to a… Read More
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Duress Defense

What is duress? In some legal situations, duress may excuse a person’s committing of what otherwise would be a criminal offense. Duress is a form of coercion. It is constraint illegally exercised to force someone to perform an act. Massachusetts’… Read More
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What does the law say on shoplifting? Massachusetts law states: “Any person who intentionally takes possession of, carries away, transfers or causes to be carried away or transferred any merchandise displayed, held, stored or offered for sale by a… Read More
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Harassing or Obscene Phone Calls

What is the law on harassing or obscene phone calls? Massachusetts law states: “Whoever telephones another person or causes a person to be telephoned, contacts another person by electronic communication, or causes a person to be contacted by electr… Read More
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Resisting Arrest

What is Resisting Arrest? In Massachusetts, under M.G.L. c. 268, §32B, a person can be convicted of Resisting Arrest. Resisting Arrest means knowingly preventing or attempting to prevent a police officer from making an arrest by using or threatening… Read More
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Criminal Intent Explained

What is criminal intent? Many crimes require intent for conviction. Intent means being aware of the natural and probable consequences of an action. Specific intent is a conscious act with the determination of the mind to do it according to Commonweal… Read More
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Larceny By Stealing

What is larceny by stealing? There are different types of larceny crimes. Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266, Section 30 a person who intentionally takes the personal property of another can be convicted of Larceny by Stealing. What is larc… Read More
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What is Pre-trial Probation

WHAT IS PRE-TRIAL PROBATION G.L. c. 276, § 87 Pre-trial Probation or a “General Continuance” is a highly sought criminal disposition (result). It is a conditional disposition anticipating dismissal of criminal charges. It basically means that th… Read More
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Criminal Defense--an Overview

The criminal justice system can be confusing and overwhelming. For guidance about criminal procedures and help building a defense, contact a skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. Learn the Information You Need About Your Criminal Defen… Read More
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