Hardship License Information

How do I get a hardship license? Every person charged with an OUI/DWI charge wants to know, how soon it will take to get their license back. Attached is a Hardship Information Form that you can use for a guide to get you started. Also, you were find… Read More
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Operating After Suspension or Revocation

What does it mean to operate after suspension or revocation? Under Massachusetts law, to operate a motor vehicle after suspension or revocation is a crime. The offense is “operating after suspension or revocation of license.” What does the govern… Read More
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Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle

Negligent Operation of a motor vehicle is a crime in Massachusetts, punishable under M.G.L. c. 90, § 24(2)(a). A person acts negligently when they fail to use due care, or they act in a way that a reasonable person would not. Massachusetts General L… Read More
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