In Massachusetts, if shoplifted merchandise is valued at less than $100, a shoplifter may be punished by a fine. Although this punishment may seem minor, an admission of guilt stays on your record and could impact future education or job opportunities down the road. As a result, with most shoplifting accusations, it is essential to fight.

Why do We Fight?

It is important to fight even a minor shoplifting charge and keep your record clean. In addition to jeopardizing your future employment or education opportunities, a record of shoplifting could impact your chances of becoming a citizen in the United States or in other countries like Canada.

It is even more essential to fight a shoplifting charge if a person is a repeat offender. The penalties are stiffer if a person is convicted on a subsequent offense.

There are a number of ways a person can fight a shoplifting charge:

If done timely and correctly, all of these options could result in keeping your record clean, with no record of the offense or allegation occurring.

It is important to fight a shoplifting charge. You can do so by contacting criminal defense attorney William Barabino at his Medford, Massachusetts law office by calling at 781-393-5900.

An Attorney Who Understands Your Future is At Stake

Regardless of the reason why an event occurred, hire a hardworking and compassionate attorney who will help you earn a second chance.

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