Experienced Boston, Massachusetts Lawyer for Juvenile Crime Defense

Experienced Boston, Massachusetts Lawyer for Juvenile Crime Defense

Allegations of involvement in juvenile crime can have a serious impact on your child's future. They may affect his or her ability to get a job, seek continuing education or even obtain security clearance. Especially if your child is college bound, it is critical that you seek a professional juvenile lawyer.

If your child has a youthful offender indictment, contact Boston juvenile lawyer William Barabino by calling 781-393-5900. Mr. Barabino's Medford, Massachusetts, law office serves clients and their families in Woburn, Boston, Salem and along the North Shore.

Experience and Skill in Matters of Juvenile Criminal Defense

William Barabino is a lawyer with in-depth experience in the area of juvenile justice. He has served two governors as a member of the Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee (JJAC). The JJAC — along with other organizations and experts — gives the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety input in developing a statewide plan for identifying and offering guidance on matters relating to delinquency prevention and overall child well-being.

As an experienced Massachusetts juvenile lawyer, he handles a wide range of matters related to juvenile crime defense:

If you are under 18 years old, you are considered a juvenile under Massachusetts law. You can be charged with many crimes in juvenile court, which places different penalties on youthful offenders than district court places on adult offenders.

Sometimes juvenile crimes can have an effect on an offender's school life as well as home life. When this happens, Mr. Barabino is an experienced school attorney representing children and teens in school expulsion hearings resulting from charges. These hearings often take place before the principal or superintendent and can have long-term consequences. Because they are serious, it is critical that they be handled effectively. Mr. Barabino has successfully advocated as a school attorney before several school districts, including Lynn, Swampscott and Salem.

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If you are currently under investigation, facing criminal charges or a DYS Commitment, contact Boston criminal defense attorney and experienced juvenile lawyer William Barabino by calling his Medford, Massachusetts, law office at 781-393-5900. You may also complete his online contact form.