It can happen to anyone. You are at the wrong place at the wrong time with property that doesn't belong to you. The police catch you and the next thing you know you are being charged with theft, which in legal language is often called "larceny". The penalties for stealing from others can be severe in Massachusetts, depending on how much money the item or items stolen are worth.

For example, if a person is caught with more than $1200 worth of goods that do not belong to them, the criminal offense charged becomes "grand larceny", a crime considered to be a "felony", which means it could result in prison time. Grand larceny has a maximum penalty of five years in state prison, a maximum fine of $25,000, or a county jail sentence of up to two and a half years. Even if the value of the object is under $1200, the associated penalties of a guilty verdict in a court of law can be a significant burden on the person charged with the crime. Any criminal conviction is a stain difficult to erase: a stain that could lead to a range of difficulties, from finding future employment to applying for educational opportunities to maintaining relationships with family and friends. Especially for an innocent person, this outcome could be disastrous.

Legal Solutions that Work

Fortunately, there is a solution if you or a loved one are charged with any theft-related crime: Attorney Barabino. With years of experience protecting the rights of and winning cases for his clients, Attorney Barabino is capable of providing the best theft crimes legal defense out there. He has seen it all and knows how to intelligently and cleverly poke holes his opponents' arguments while bolstering his client's position to the best it can be bolstered. Over the years he has accumulated an impressive track record of successes and wins in the courts; his clients all agreeing that his devotion to hard and diligent work always pays off. There is no better lawyer out there in the Greater Boston Area who can defend you or a loved one against theft crime accusations in a court of law. Do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of William J. Barabino the minute you or a loved one are charged with a theft-related crime.

Attorney Barabino Can Fight All Theft-related Crimes Out There

Under Massachusetts law, there are a wide range of theft-related crimes anybody in the Commonwealth can find themselves facing. Attorney Barabino deals with them all, especially:

  • Larceny by Stealing
  • Larceny of Leased or Rented Personal Property
  • Receiving Stolen Property
  • Shoplifting
  • Fraudulent Insurance Claim
  • Identity Fraud by Posing as Another
  • Larceny by Check, Embezzlement, or False Pretenses
  • Breaking and Entering
  • Possession of Burglarious Tools

Regardless of the theft-related crime, reach out to Attorney Barabino if you are seeking a strong, legal defense personalized for you or a loved one that produces results that matter.

Protect Your Rights and Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

To begin your legal journey to getting out of trouble, contact Attorney William Barabino by calling his Medford, Massachusetts law office at 781-393-5900 or by filing out his online contact form, which can be found here. Don't wait. Reach out today to get the legal service you or a loved one deserve.