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Disturbing the Peace

What is disturbing the peace? Disturbing the Peace is a crime punishable in Massachusetts under M.G.L. c. 272, § 53. A first offensive could result in a fine of up to $150. A subsequent offense could lead to jail time of up to six months and/or a fi… Read More
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Carrying a Firearm

The criminal offense of unlawfully “carrying” a firearm, or possessing a firearm without a license outside a home or business, is punishable under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 269, Section 10(a). This post will answer the following legal qu… Read More
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Possession of a Firearm

This post will answer some frequently asked questions about possession of a firearm. What does the government need to show to prove a person illegally possessed a firearm? In order to prove that a defendant unlawfully possessed a firearm, the Commonw… Read More
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