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Underage Drinking Immunity

IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION: UNDERAGE DRINKING Is there immunity for underage drinking? Firstly, my guess would be almost every person under 21 years of age has consumed alcohol at some point in their life. Lawmakers adjusted the law so that when kids… Read More
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Carrying a Dangerous Weapon When Arrested

What is the law on carrying a dangerous weapon WHEN ARRESTED?  Under Commonwealth law, a defendant can be charged with carrying a dangerous weapon on his or her person, under his or her control in a vehicle, or when he or she was arrested on a warr… Read More
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Shoplifting Offense

SHOPLIFTING Firstly, what shoplifting-related offenses exist under Massachusetts’s law? Under Commonwealth law, a defendant can be charged with ANY of the following shoplifting-related offenses: Shoplifting Concealing merchandise shoplifting Shopl… Read More
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