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Wrong Plates to Conceal Identity

ATTACHING WRONG PLATES TO CONCEAL IDENTITY  This post will answer the following legal questions on the crime of attaching wrong plates to conceal identity: What does it mean to attach wrong plates to conceal identity? How does the Commonwealth prov… Read More
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Legal Inferences

LEGAL INFERENCES Legally speaking, what is an “inference”? A permissible deduction accepted as believable is an inference. In other words, inferences are little steps in reasoning in which a person takes some known information, applies his or h… Read More
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Disorderly Conduct

DISORDERLY CONDUCT Firstly, what does the Commonwealth need to prove in order to convict a defendant of the offense of “disorderly conduct”? In order to prove the defendant GUILTY of the offense of disorderly conduct, the Commonwealth must prove… Read More
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What is Diversion in Court?

WHAT IS DIVERSION IN COURT? Diversion refers to a process where cases are dismissed prior to arraignment. In exchange for dismissing the charges prior to the case even beginning, the person usually has to complete a program or treatment of some kind… Read More
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