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Duress as a Legal Concept

DURESS What is the legal concept of “duress”? In some legal situations, duress may excuse a person’s committing of what otherwise would be a criminal offense. Duress is a form of coercion. It is constraint illegally exercised to force someone t… Read More
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Animal Cruelty Offense

ANIMAL CRUELTY Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 272, Section 77 it is illegal to treat an animal with cruelty. Cruelty means inflicting severe or unnecessary pain upon an animal without any justifiable cause. The maximum penalty is seven year… Read More
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Legal Inferences

LEGAL INFERENCES Legally speaking, what is an “inference”? A permissible deduction accepted as believable is an inference. In other words, inferences are little steps in reasoning in which a person takes some known information, applies his or her… Read More
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Disturbing the Peace

DISTURBING THE PEACE Disturbing the Peace is a crime punishable in Massachusetts under M.G.L. c. 272, § 53. A first offensive could result in a fine of up to $150. A subsequent offense could lead to jail time of up to six months and/or a fine of $20… Read More
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Disorderly Conduct

DISORDERLY CONDUCT Disorderly Conduct, violent or tumultuous public behavior that causes inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm, is punishable in Massachusetts. Under M.G.L. c. 272, § 53 a first offensive could result in a fine of up to $150. A subseque… Read More
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Criminal Harassment

CRIMINAL HARASSMENT Harassment can be a crime in Massachusetts and may result in a Harassment Prevention Order being issued. Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265, Section 43A a person who engages in a knowing pattern of conduct or speech on a… Read More
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Criminal Intent Explained

CRIMINAL INTENT Many crimes require intent for conviction. Intent means being aware of the natural and probable consequences of an action. Specific intent is a conscious act with the determination of the mind to do it according to Commonwealth v. Nic… Read More
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Assault and Battery

ASSAULT AND BATTERY Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265, Section 13A the crime of Assault and Battery is defined. Assault and Battery is the intentional or reckless touching of another in a way that is either likely to cause bodily harm or i… Read More
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