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Habeas Corpus

What is habeas corpus? “Habeas corpus” is a writ utilized to bring a person before a court, most frequently to ensure that a person’ s imprisonment or detention is not illegal. A writ is an order by a court requiring that something be done. Wha… Read More
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Civil Rights Violations

What is a civil rights violation? Under Commonwealth law, a defendant can be charged with a civil rights violation a when he or she violates the Massachusetts Civil Rights Act. This law states: “No person…shall by force or threat of force, willfu… Read More
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Assault and Battery

Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265, Section 13A the crime of Assault and Battery is defined. Assault and Battery is the intentional or reckless touching of another in a way that is either likely to cause bodily harm or is offensive. This po… Read More
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THREATS This post will answer the following legal questions on threats: What is a threat? How does the Commonwealth prove a threat was made? What if the victim was not alarmed by the threat? What if a threat is made indirectly? What if the threat is… Read More
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