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What Happens When You Get Arrested

What Happens When You Get Arrested When you get arrested the police will put handcuffs on you and place you in the back of a police car. They then take you to a local police station in the city or town where you were arrested. If you are being arrest… Read More
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Your First Appearance in Criminal Court

Your First Official Appearance in Criminal Court Your first appearance in court is called arraignment. It is your first day in criminal court. You have arrived at an arraignment because you were either: Arrested the night before and brought to court… Read More
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Bail Jumping

BAIL JUMPING  What is bail jumping? Bail Jumping. Under Massachusetts’s law, a defendant failing to appear in court after released on bail is committing a crime. Commonwealth law specifically states that: “A person who is released by court order… Read More
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What a Jury Sees

Does a Jury See Everything?   What a Jury Sees: The short answer is no. Often times courts sanitize or redact evidence. Normally, the attorney and the district attorney will discuss and either agree to the limit what the jury can see and not see. An… Read More
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Homicide by a Motor Vehicle (Felony)

HOMICIDE BY A MOTOR VEHICLE (FELONY) Firstly, How does the Commonwealth prove a defendant guilty of the criminal offense of homicide by a motor vehicle? In order to prove the Commonwealth guilty of the offense of homicide by a motor vehicle, the Comm… Read More
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Common Nightwalker

COMMON NIGHTWALKER What is a common nightwalker? Commonwealth law states that “common night walkers…shall be punished…” A common nightwalker is someone who is abroad at night, soliciting others to engage in unlawful sexual acts. Often it is a… Read More
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Burning Insured Property

BURNING INSURED PROPERTY What does Commonwealth law say on the crime of burning insured property? Commonwealth law states: “Whoever, willfully and with intent to defraud or injure the insurer, sets fire to, attempts to set fire to, causes to be bur… Read More
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Reprimand of Counsel

REPRIMAND OF COUNSEL This post will answer the following legal questions about a reprimand of counsel:  What does it mean when a judge “reprimands” a counselor of law? Some of the responsibilities of both a judge and an attorney regarding reprim… Read More
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Admission by Silence

ADMISSION BY SILENCE Admission by Silence. Recently, a client called concerned that she DID NOT respond to accusations from police when she was accused of shoplifting. While in the parking lot of a store she was confronted by police. The police walke… Read More
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Duress as a Legal Concept

DURESS What is the legal concept of “duress”? In some legal situations, duress may excuse a person’s committing of what otherwise would be a criminal offense. Duress is a form of coercion. It is constraint illegally exercised to force someone… Read More
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