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Possession of Drugs

How do the police prove I was in possession of drugs? How does the law define possession? We all know that there are charges of possessing a handgun, or possessing an illegal drug. Sometimes, it’s obvious, for example when the person has a gun… Read More
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Transferred Intent

What is transferred intent? One of the elements of most crimes that the Commonwealth must to prove is “intent”. There is a related legal principle called “transferred intent.” This applies when a person intends to harm one person but instead… Read More
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License or Authority

What can I do with a license? It is the burden of the Commonwealth to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you did not have license or authority to do something when you are charged with a crime. However, under G.L. c. 278 § 7 a person relying on a… Read More
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Knowledge in Criminal Law

What is knowledge in criminal law? A perception of the facts required for a crime is knowledge in criminal law. It is the burden of the Commonwealth to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that at the time of the offense the defendant knew something. This… Read More
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Criminal Intent Explained

What is criminal intent? Many crimes require intent for conviction. Intent means being aware of the natural and probable consequences of an action. Specific intent is a conscious act with the determination of the mind to do it according to Commonweal… Read More
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What is forgery? A person who intentionally injures, defrauds, falsely makes, alters, forges, or counterfeits an official document can be punished under Chapter 267 of Massachusetts’ General Laws. To have forgery, something relating to a legal docu… Read More
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