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License or Authority ( As a Defense)

LICENSE OR AUTHORITY ( As a Defense) It is the burden of the Commonwealth to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you did not have license or authority to do something when you are charged with a crime. However, under G.L. c. 278 § 7 a person relyin… Read More
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Shoplifting Offense

SHOPLIFTING Firstly, what shoplifting-related offenses exist under Massachusetts’s law? Under Commonwealth law, a defendant can be charged with ANY of the following shoplifting-related offenses: Shoplifting Concealing merchandise shoplifting Shopli… Read More
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Mental Impairment Short of Insanity

MENTAL IMPAIRMENT SHORT OF INSANITY This post will answer the following legal questions on the legal defense of mental impairment short of insanity: What is mental impairment short of insanity? What is “necessary intent”? How does the Commonwealt… Read More
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Bail Basics: What is Bail | How it Works

Bail Basics: What Bail Is, How It Works Bail is the act of giving money to the government in a criminal court until that case is completed or closed. The person who pays the bail gets their money (bail) back as long as the person never misses a court… Read More
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