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What a Jury Sees

Does a Jury See Everything? What a Jury Sees: The short answer is no. Often times courts sanitize or redact evidence. Normally, the attorney and the district attorney will discuss and either agree to the limit what the jury can see and not see. And i… Read More
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Business Records

CONSIDERATION OF BUSINESS RECORDS This post answers the following legal questions on consideration of business records: When may jurors consider these records? Can a judge require that the party offering the records into evidence call a witness as a… Read More
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Stricken Evidence

EXCLUDED QUESTION; STRICKEN EVIDENCE This blog post will answer the following questions on the legal concepts of excluded questions and stricken evidence: What does it mean to exclude a question in a court of law? Is an unanswered question admissible… Read More
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Admission by Silence

ADMISSION BY SILENCE Admission by Silence. Recently, a client called concerned that she DID NOT respond to accusations from police when she was accused of shoplifting. While in the parking lot of a store she was confronted by police. The police walke… Read More
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Mug Shots Explained

MUG SHOTS This post will answer the following legal questions on mug shots: What happens if a witness testifies that the police showed the witness a photo of the defendant? What other circumstances can the police obtain pictures of people for court?… Read More
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Fourth Amendment Challenge

Criminal Defense Attorneys are the enforcers of the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and State Constitution. They are the advocates who bring questionable searches and seizures to the courts attention. If they bring it to the court and the cour… Read More
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