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Business Records

CONSIDERATION OF BUSINESS RECORDS This post answers the following legal questions on consideration of business records: When may jurors consider these records? Can a judge require that the party offering the records into evidence call a witness as a… Read More
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Court Interpreter

COURT INTERPRETER This post will answer the following legal questions on the use of an interpreter: What is the purpose of using an interpreter in court? Can an interpreter have a bias? Does the interpreter or the witness provide the source of the ev… Read More
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Mug Shots Explained

MUG SHOTS This post will answer the following legal questions on mug shots: What happens if a witness testifies that the police showed the witness a photo of the defendant? What other circumstances can the police obtain pictures of people for court?… Read More
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What is Pre-trial Probation

WHAT IS PRE-TRIAL PROBATION G.L. c. 276, § 87 Pre-trial Probation or a “General Continuance” is a highly sought criminal disposition (result). It is a conditional disposition anticipating dismissal of criminal charges. It basically means that th… Read More
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