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Admission by Silence

ADMISSION BY SILENCE Admission by Silence. Recently, a client called concerned that she DID NOT respond to accusations from police when she was accused of shoplifting. While in the parking lot of a store she was confronted by police. The police walke… Read More
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Duress as a Legal Concept

DURESS What is the legal concept of “duress”? In some legal situations, duress may excuse a person’s committing of what otherwise would be a criminal offense. Duress is a form of coercion. It is constraint illegally exercised to force someone t… Read More
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Assault and Battery on a Police Officer or Public Employee

ASSAULT AND BATTERY ON A POLICE OFFICER OR PUBLIC EMPLOYEE There are many different categories of assault and battery in Massachusetts. Under M.G.L. c. 265, § 13D a person who intentionally touches the person of a police officer or public employee i… Read More
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Assault and Battery

ASSAULT AND BATTERY Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265, Section 13A the crime of Assault and Battery is defined. Assault and Battery is the intentional or reckless touching of another in a way that is either likely to cause bodily harm or i… Read More
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