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October 28th 2016
Shoplifting by Asportation
Client was a young man who stole and was caught doing so. He admitted to doing what he did, but felt embarrassed and apologetic. Fortunately, he was given a clerk magistrate hearing. He hired Attorney Barabino, who took him to the hearing and acknowledged his wrongdoing and asked for consideration. The police and court determined that based on various factors that they would not issue the charges. No complaint to issue. Never appears on a record.

Unlicensed Operation & Speeding, DISMISSED WITH NO FINE, Forging RMV signature, DISMISSED ON $250.00

July 14th 2016
Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle
RMV Signature, Forge, Misuse Section
Speeding in Violation of Special Regulation
Client was a chief who was charged with driving on a false license, doing so illegally, and speeding. He was an otherwise reputable member of the community. Charges were negotiated and resolved in just two court appearances. Client paid court fee at conclusion of matter in court and no record for an employer or immigration.
RESULT: Charge of Unlicensed Operation & Speeding, DISMISSED, NO FINE. Forging RMV signature, DISMISSED on $250.00.

Motion to Seal Record, ALLOWED

April 29th 2013
Motion to Seal Record Chapter
Attorney Barabino persuaded the judge to seal all records of this case. As a matter of law, client may now truthfully answer on any job application that he has never been arrested for, or charged with, any crime.
RESULT: Petition to Seal, ALLOWED.