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Unlicensed Operation, Alcohol in Motor Vehicle, Inspection Sticker, MOTION TO DISMISS ALLOWED, ALL THREE CHARGES DISMISSED

November 24th 2012
Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle Chapter 90 Section 10
Inspection Sticker Chapter 90 Section 20
Alcohol in Motor Vehicle, Possession Open Container Chapter 90 Section 24I
Client was an out-of-state resident who was driving in Massachusetts without a license. He was stopped by police and charged with various offenses. According to the police report, client was stopped initially due to his lack of Massachusetts license, a criminal offense. Once he was stopped he was charged with other crimes. Attorney Barabino reviewed all the reports and ticketing information processed by police for this arrest. Upon a through review, he determined the tickets issued by police were not in compliance with required regulations. As a result of the police not following the proper requirements, he filed a Motion to Dismiss, along with a lengthy memorandum of law. The court held a hearing to listen to the legal arguments presented by Attorney Barabino, and at the conclusion of the hearing the judge allowed Attorney Barabino’s Motion to Dismiss the three charges.