» Violation of a Restraining Order

Successful Clerk Magistrate Hearing

December 10th 2019
Violation of a Restraining Order
Clerk Magistrate Hearing
Client was a hard-working single mother of four (4) children. In this case, she was charged with violating a harassment order against a former friend who made salacious allegation including threats which would clearly be a violation of the order. Fortunately, a clerk magistrate hearing was held where Attorney Barabino and client were prepared, and did offer evidence that was contrary. Ideally, after the hearing, the clerk indicated that given the totality of the facts, the complaint will NOT ISSUE. Client keep spotless record.
RESULT: Clerk Magistrate DOES NOT ISSUE Complaint.

Several Charges Dismissed

May 14th 2019
Assault and Battery on a Household Member
Abuse Prevention Order
Assault with a Dangerous Weapon
Client was a very pleasant hard-working alarm specialist. He was charged by police for violation of a restraining order, assault with a dangerous weapon and assault of a family member. According to police, client was driving down the road when his swerved towards his ex-girlfriend and smiled at her Eventually, the case was marked for trial. We confidently expected to show that it did not occur and that this was simply a pattern of the ex-girlfriend’s harassment, deception and jealously toward client. In addition, Attorney Barabino, and client worked together bring in five separate reputation witnesses in furtherance of the defense of the case. In the end, the accuser did not show up for trial and the case was dismissed.