» Unarmed Robbery


March 5th 2015
Unarmed Robbery
Assault and Battery
Client was charged with Unarmed Robbery and Assault and Battery. According to police, a man called police and said three people just beat him up and robbed him. Unfortunately for defendant and two friends, they had been walking down the street from a party just a few blocks away. Initially, police found money in their pockets similar to what had been taken, blood on one person's shirt, and positive identification from the victim. However, soon it became clear that they were a victim themselves as a large party of similar looking people had just concluded. There was no blood and the money was simply their own. Nevertheless, the case proceeded through the court system. The police testified at a hearing that the young men were all friendly and respectful. Prior to trial, a challenge by Attorney Barabino and his two co-defendant lawyers petitioned to Suppress the Identification—as it was simply the wrong one---or a misidentification. Ultimately, that motion was partially allowed and the District Attorney elected to dismiss all charges. Case dismissed.
RESULT: Motion to Suppress, ALLOWED (In Part), Case DISMISSED.