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90 Day Probation

December 10th 2015
Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle Chapter
Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle
Use Motor Vehicle Without Authority
Fail to Stop for Police
Super pleasant young man with great potential made a moment of bad judgment. According to police, in the early morning hours they noticed a vehicle made a civil infraction. They sought to pull the vehicle over but the driver refused. They followed the vehicle briefly. The vehicle was being driven negligently and after a brief pursuit came to a stop. Prior to arraignment, every effort was made to develop and demonstrate to the District Attorney the impressive background of the young man. In the end, an agreement was struck where he would not admit wrongdoing and the case would be dismissed in 90 days. This pre-trial probation term allows him to retain the presumption of innocence and a full dismissal of the charges.

Malicious Destruction of Property, Breaking and Entering Nighttime, Larceny in Building, CASE DISMISSED

March 27th 2015
Malicious Destruction of Property
Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime for Felony
Larceny in Building
Client was a young, hard working juvenile who was polite, respectful, and an excellent student. According to police, he went into school late at night without permission and acted irresponsibility. This was an unacceptable act and inconsistent with his good tempered disposition and attitude. He was charged with felony offenses and the Commonwealth had a fairly strong case. Admitting to any of these types of offenses was unacceptable. Nevertheless, after several months of investigation and negotiation, Attorney Barabino today persuaded the prosecutor and the judge to place client on pre-trial probation for two months. As long as client refrains from committing any further offenses and pays back the money to the school for the damage, this case will be dismissed. No admission to any criminal act, misdemeanor, or felony.
RESULT: Sentencing Memorandum FILED, CASE DISMISSED.