Trial Readiness Conference Result in Dismissal

September 13, 2023
Assault and Battery on a Family Member
A wonderful hard-working woman was charged with Assault and Battery on her fiancé. This matter began with client calling 911 for police to assist. Oddly, the police came and when they did they interviewed both parties, at the conclusion of the interviews they arrested the 911 caller—the person who called for help. As with any case when the police get called the situation is fluid and they do their best to get the right result based on limited information. Also, many police departments have mandatory arrest policies when there is a call for a domestic violence incident--- which means someone is usually going away in handcuffs. In the end, client and Attorney Barabino and spouse reviewed the options and eventually, Attorney Barabino placed the matter on for trial viability date with the District Attorney’s consent and approval. At the date today, spouse asserted his 5th Amendment not to testify and as a result, the matter was dismissed in its entirety.
RESULT: Trial Readiness Conference Result in Dismissal