Trafficking Food Stamps: All Allegations Dismissed in Client's Favor

February 6, 2020
Trafficking Food Stamps
Client was very pleasant young lady, with several young, well-behaved children. She was accused by the government of trafficking food stamps and other related allegations. Client denied that any of these accusations took place and sought to challenge them. According to the government, she had been not only trafficking but intentionally violating food stamp rules and regulations. Attorney Barabino was retained and got to work with client in reviewing a large amount of documentation, memoranda, and data. In addition, Attorney Barabino with his assistant Nick developed a detailed breakdown of the entire case and a memorandum supporting her attention to all the rules and regulations of food stamp law. In the end, when all the hearings were complete and the testimony taken, client was vindicated and all allegations were dismissed.
RESULT: All Allegations Dismissed in Client's Favor