Remorseful and Respectful Father’s Charge Dropped

Shoplifting By Asportation
Magistrate Hearing
Client was a very pleasant father who stole several items valued at nearly $400.00. He was caught by the loss prevention and police were called. When police were called they took his information and eventually sent him a criminal citation. The citation called for a clerk magistrate hearing and the purpose of that date is to determine probable cause for the crime and if so, issue the complaint. However, there are expectations to the issuance requirement at the hearing if probable cause is found. That is if in the discretion of the magistrate and the police department believe that this does not need to go forward. After a submission of a background memorandum and receipt of the civil fine paid, the clerk did not issue the complaint. As a result, the error in judgment of this otherwise person of character, will not follow him and his family. Charge Does NOT issue. Spotless record, remains spotless.
RESULT: Remorseful and Respectful Father’s Charge Dropped