No Charges Issue. Client’s Record Remains Clean

January 8th 2022
Racing a Motor Vehicle
Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle
Unsafe Operation
Client was a very pleasant young man. He has no prior criminal record and today still has a clean record. However, that was almost not the case. He was driving his high-performance vehicle on the highway. While driving his high-performance vehicle, he appeared to be racing similar vehicles on the road. He was pulled over and asked if he was racing and according to the officer he agreed he was. Client was pleasant and respectful which was very helpful to his case. The officer noted that client had no hood on his car was client had race gas in the car as well. As the officer had witnessed him driving at speeds of up to 100 MPH, the officer issued two criminal citations and one civil citation once pulled over. Fortunately, client reached out to Attorney Barabino without delay. Client filed the ticket within 4 days as the law requires and he and his family went to work with Attorney Barabino preparing the case. Attorney Barabino authored a legal opinion that probable cause didn’t exist due to an impediment in the statute and the facts. In addition, he authored a long background memorandum on the client. In the end, it was all persuasive enough to have the clerk not issue any of the charges, so there will be no formal criminal complaint issued or recorded in his name. Record, remains, 100% clean.
RESULT: No Charges Issue. Client’s Record Remains Clean