February 21th 2024
Liquor ID card, Misuse
Gaming Act, Wager under 21 Years of Age
Client was a young man with no criminal record. Client was under 21 and as someone under 21 he is not permitted to gamble at any casino, not enter the casino floor, and finally not able to drink alcohol. Client decided to go to a casino with two friends, one of the friends was over 21, however client and 2nd friend were not. However, client was able to secure entrance to the casino with an identification (“ID”) that wasn’t his. This ID allowed client entrance to the casino. Once in the casino, client decided to try his hands at gambling. His brief attempt at gambling was unsuccessful and it was at that time that the Casino security intervened who were accompanied by the State Police. This casino, as most, has a highly sophisticated security system which includes video surveillance. And they were caught with little defense to their actions. The State police petitioned for a magistrate hearing. At the hearing, probable cause was established, but given a variety of factors, the state police and magistrate determined that this case should not go forward.
RESULT: Magistrate and State Police agree to NOT issue the Complaint, which means NO Record for this young man.