Firearm Charges

August 8, 2023
Carrying a Firearm
Discharging a Firearm within 500 feet of a Building
Possession of Ammunition
A young hardworking person came to Massachusetts to do some light partying and hang out. According to testimony, he appeared to have come with his firearm that would not be illegal in Maine to possess. After some heavy drinking with his now ex-girlfriend, he became somewhat despondent. A verbal dispute occurred between the group of friends. Unbeknownst to client, the police were on the other side of the building looking for a missing juvenile. They heard a gunshot(s) and then quickly stopped client as he drove away. They smelled the odor of gunpowder when they pulled him over. He admitted to the firearm in his possession and the police cleared a live round from the loaded firearm. They also searched him and found a live round in his pants pocket. Also, the local police called the forensics team of the Mass State Police who took a detailed photographs of the weapon with the live ammunition on the vehicle. They also found a spent shall casing at the scene of the gunshot that was not forensically matched, but matched via appearance, type of brand. With a variety of witnesses who appeared, including three experts hired, there was an agreement that the government did not prove the case of firing within 500 feet of a building and he was acquitted. On the firearm charge he was given the lowest allowed by law. And finally, in the early stages of the case he was provided a reduction of loaded high-capacity firearm.
RESULT: High-Capacity Firearm (Nolle Pros), Not Guilty on Shooting Firearm, Lowest Sentence allowed by law on Illegal Possession of Firearm and Ammunition.