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Probation Violation Conditions of Release

Probation Violation Conditions of Release District courts in Massachusetts will be changing the rules on Conditions of Release at probation violation hearings. These changes will go into effect this December. Since they may impact you or a loved one… Read More
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Continued Without a Finding (CWOF)

WHAT IS A CWOF? A continued without a finding “CWOF” is term used to describe an agreement between a defendant charged with a crime and the court.  Often people within the court system will sound out the abbreviated term when discussing this agr… Read More
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Bail Basics: What is Bail | How it Works

Bail Basics: What Bail Is, How It Works Bail is the act of giving money to the government in a criminal court until that case is completed or closed.  The person who pays the bail gets their money (bail) back as long as the person never misses a cou… Read More
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