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Mental Impairment Short of Insanity

This post will answer the following legal questions on the legal defense of mental impairment short of insanity. What is mental impairment short of insanity? Sometimes individuals are so impaired when they commit a crime that they are legally conside… Read More
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What is a Show Cause Hearing?

WHAT IS A SHOW CAUSE HEARING? In Massachusetts, if someone is accused of committing a misdemeanor crime and is not arrested, that person is generally entitled to a clerk magistrate’s or show cause hearing. Under M.G.L. c. 40U, § 15, a person can a… Read More
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What is Pre-trial Probation

WHAT IS PRE-TRIAL PROBATION G.L. c. 276, § 87 Pre-trial Probation or a “General Continuance” is a highly sought criminal disposition (result). It is a conditional disposition anticipating dismissal of criminal charges. It basically means that th… Read More
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