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Determining Bail

What is bail and how is it determined? Money given to court to hold until resolution of the case is called bail. A dismissed case; a plea agreement entered; or a trial with a verdict is a resolved case. The purpose of bail is to ensure that the perso… Read More
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Bail Jumping

What is bail jumping? Bail Jumping. Under Massachusetts’s law, a defendant failing to appear in court after released on bail is committing a crime. Massachusetts law specifically states that: “A person who is released by court order or other lawf… Read More
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Bail Basics: What is Bail | How it Works

Bail Basics: What Bail Is, How It Works Bail is the act of giving money to the government in a criminal court until that case is completed or closed. The person who pays the bail gets their money (bail) back as long as the person never misses a court… Read More
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