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Unnatural and Lascivious Conduct, CONDITIONAL DISMISSAL

April 28th 2017
Unnatural and Lascivious Conduct
Client was an educated mother and grandmother victim of drug addiction. During that period of addiction, police saw her making a movement and behavior consistent with oral sex to a known Level III sex offender. That event was nearly two years ago, and she has been in warrant status since. To client’s credit, she did what the court could only hope for in those missing years. She got herself clean and off drugs, into rehabilitation, and fully reentering society. For those reasons, and her otherwise decent criminal record, Attorney Barabino was able to argue that the Commonwealth’s sentence of a felony conviction, 18 months of probation, and various rehabilitation programs were not the answer. At the conclusion of the plea, the court accepted a 60-day period where her case would be dismissed if she remained out of trouble with no conviction.
RESULT: DISMISSED, if defendant stays out of trouble for sixty days