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December 10th 2018
Unlicensed Operation of MV
A pleasant young professional had a mix-up on a license reinstatement and mistakenly was driving without a license. The police charged him with the crime after he was hit by another motor vehicle. He hired Attorney Barabino and they prepared for the Clerk-Magistrate hearing. They obtained details of the accident and insurance confirmations, his resume and his impressive background as well as his new license, which he received after the incident. At the hearing, it was determined that NO CHARGES SHOULD ISSUE. Client retains his otherwise spotless criminal record.
RESULT: NO CHARGES SHOULD ISSUE. Client retains his otherwise spotless criminal record.

Unlicensed Operation, DISMISSAL

May 25th 2017
Unlicensed Operation of MV
Client was unable to obtain a license and was cited for (4th Offense) driving without a license. Given his background, history and surrounding circumstances, he was given a dismissal with the agreement that client pay two hundred dollar penalty.

Unlicensed Operation & Speeding, DISMISSED WITH NO FINE, Forging RMV signature, DISMISSED ON $250.00

July 14th 2016
Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle
RMV Signature, Forge, Misuse Section
Speeding in Violation of Special Regulation
Client was a chief who was charged with driving on a false license, doing so illegally, and speeding. He was an otherwise reputable member of the community. Charges were negotiated and resolved in just two court appearances. Client paid court fee at conclusion of matter in court and no record for an employer or immigration.
RESULT: Charge of Unlicensed Operation & Speeding, DISMISSED, NO FINE. Forging RMV signature, DISMISSED on $250.00.

90 Day Probation

December 10th 2015
Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle Chapter
Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle
Use Motor Vehicle Without Authority
Fail to Stop for Police
Super pleasant young man with great potential made a moment of bad judgment. According to police, in the early morning hours they noticed a vehicle made a civil infraction. They sought to pull the vehicle over but the driver refused. They followed the vehicle briefly. The vehicle was being driven negligently and after a brief pursuit came to a stop. Prior to arraignment, every effort was made to develop and demonstrate to the District Attorney the impressive background of the young man. In the end, an agreement was struck where he would not admit wrongdoing and the case would be dismissed in 90 days. This pre-trial probation term allows him to retain the presumption of innocence and a full dismissal of the charges.

Unlicensed Operation, Alcohol in Motor Vehicle, Inspection Sticker, MOTION TO DISMISS ALLOWED, ALL THREE CHARGES DISMISSED

November 24th 2012
Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle Chapter 90 Section 10
Inspection Sticker Chapter 90 Section 20
Alcohol in Motor Vehicle, Possession Open Container Chapter 90 Section 24I
Client was an out-of-state resident who was driving in Massachusetts without a license. He was stopped by police and charged with various offenses. According to the police report, client was stopped initially due to his lack of Massachusetts license, a criminal offense. Once he was stopped he was charged with other crimes. Attorney Barabino reviewed all the reports and ticketing information processed by police for this arrest. Upon a through review, he determined the tickets issued by police were not in compliance with required regulations. As a result of the police not following the proper requirements, he filed a Motion to Dismiss, along with a lengthy memorandum of law. The court held a hearing to listen to the legal arguments presented by Attorney Barabino, and at the conclusion of the hearing the judge allowed Attorney Barabino’s Motion to Dismiss the three charges.