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OUI-drugs, Second Offense, NOT GUILTY, Failure to Stop for Police, NOT GUILTY

June 2nd 2017
OUI –Drugs Serious Bodily Injury 2nd Offense
Failure to Stop for Police
Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle
Client, a retired teacher, was reported to police to be having some type of medical emergency and acting irrationally. Client drove off, driving erratically on opposite lanes of travel and reaching speeds of over ninety miles an hour. With police in hot pursuit, client hit a telephone poll, split it in half, while the car flipped over and burst into flames. Fortunately, police were at the scene to extinguish the flames, and rescue client. She was charged for OUI-drugs, failure to stop for police, and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Attorney Barabino entered a plea on negligent operation, for which a disposition would take place in the future. The two other charges went to trial. A verdict of not guilty was returned on both the OUI-drugs second offense and failure to stop for police. There were challenges in the Commonwealths case and in the end, client was grateful for the efforts of all involved, including the police, who charged him. Another charge of serious bodily injury was reduced at a clerk magistrate hearing prior to arraignment.
RESULT: OUI-drugs, second offense, NOT GUILTY, failure to stop for police, NOT GUILTY.