» Reduction in Charges


February 15th 2019
Larceny from a Building
Client was a young man who had had sporadic involvement with the law, but no prior convictions. He also was beginning to dabble in illicit drug use. According to police, while employed at a coffeeshop he aided and abetted another individual to steal several hundred dollars from his place of employment. The police used videotape, statements of employees and the defendant statements as well. On the day of trial, a discussion took place and an agreement that would REDUCE the charge for a FELONY to a MISDEMEANOR and place the defendant on probation for a year. Also, the charge would be a continued without a finding which mean it can be dismissed if client complies with probation agreement. The probation agreement was tailored so he will be drug-screened for a period of 12 months-but if he is clean for the first three months he does not have to engage in further screens. Lastly, he is required to pay the out of pocket money stolen from the donut shop.
RESULT: AGREEMENT to REDUCE the FELONY to a MISDEMEANOR and a DISMISSAL will follow, if completes the term of one-year probation.