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Domestic Violence end with PTP

December 17th 2019
Domestic Assault and Battery
Client was a hard-working government professional. According to police he assaulted and battered his child’s mother. Police came and arrested him at his home and brought him to court, where the court entered a stay-away order while the case was pending. Attorney Barabino was retained and quickly went to court to motion the court remove the stay-away provision which they did. A disposition memorandum was provided to the District Attorney and after several months a final agreement was reached whereas the commonwealth would freeze the prosecution where it was at in agreement for client to 1) not abuse spouse 2) comply with Department of Children and Family (DCF) 3) and finally get screened for abuse of alcohol and aftercare if necessary. If completes that process successfully over the next year, the case simply dismisses itself, no return to court necessary. And no admission of wrongdoing or guilt.
RESULT: District Attorney Agrees to Pre-Trial Probation, Retains the Presumption of Innocence.