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Resisting Arrest, NOT GUILTY

July 9th 2014
Resisting Arrest
Failure to Stop for Police
A mother of three was driving her car without a registration when police stopped her. She was aware that her registration had expired and that she had been given a break two days prior by the same police department for committing the offense. The officer became aggressive with defendant and at one point reached into her car. When that occurred, defendant left and drove to her home, which was also a dead end street. She calmly waited at her home, in her car, expecting to discuss with police her concerns when the officers arrived. Suddenly, the officer appeared, grabbed her by the arm, and began the process of attempting to pull her from her vehicle. When he incurred some delay in his attempt to pull her onto the driveway and cuff her, he sprayed her in the face with pepper spray three times. As this was occurring, another officer came and began the process of physically handcuffing her and processing her for arrest. The jury went into a second day of deliberations, considering the various arguments, and asking for clarifications on various legal issues. In the end, they all agreed that whatever force was used by the defendant was reasonable, and agreed she was not guilty of Resisting Arrest. The remaining charge was resolved in a $100 fine.
RESULT: Resisting Arrest, NOT GUILTY After Jury Trial.