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All Charges, DISMISSED, Pre-Arraignment

October 7th 2019
Uninsured Motor Vehicle
Unregistered Motor Vehicle
Highway Civil Citation
A hard-working IT professional was charged with driving without insurance, registration and a civil violation. An oversight in his banking led to a non-payment of insurance, which led to an automatic suspension of his registration. Moreover, an oversight in paying for the ticket led to a warrant for his arrest. Fortunately, client and Attorney Barabino reviewed his case and prepared for an immediate turn in to the police station the next day. We consulted with the District Attorney and provided them the materials we had, indicating that the issue was an oversight and the client is an otherwise upstanding person with no criminal history. After consultation, they agreed to dismiss all the charges, including the civil charge, prior to arraignment. Since the charge was dismissed, PRIOR to arraignment it will never appear on his record.
RESULT: All Charges, DISMISSED, Pre-Arraignment.


August 23rd 2018
Client was a hard-working father, husband and employee. Objectively significant obstacles resulting in him disciplining his insubordinate daughter resulted in criminal charges of abuse. Shortly after the charge, Immigration and Naturalization took him into custody. His lawyer for his immigration case was able to secure his release from custody. Attorney Barabino worked with all involved, including the Department of Social Services and the District Attorney. In the end, the case will be dismissed with Pre-Trial Probation, which is not probation at all. As long as he stays out of trouble for nine months, this case will be dismissed with no admission of guilt. Client maintains the presumption of innocence and his clean record.

Application for Complaint, DOES NOT ISSUE.

August 2nd 2018
Client was working his second job as a manager for a restaurant when a patron made repeated complaints. After trying to resolve the situation to the patron's satisfaction, the man (a lawyer), said he would tell his Twitter followers and began taking pictures. After being asked to leave, the patron complied and was escorted out by client. However, when patron was just about to leave, he turned back around and bumped into client and patron. Police were immediately called. The patron declared that he would sue, and he was given a settlement by the owner of the restaurant to avoid the cost of litigation. In the end, Attorney Barabino came to the hearing with videotape, statements, witnesses and other exhibits. After a hearing, the complaint did not issue. It will remain open for six months, assuming no other concerns.
RESULT: Application for Complaint, DOES NOT ISSUE.

Leave Scene of Property Damage, Malicious Destruction of Property

August 1st 2017
Leave Scene of Property Damage
Malicious Destruction of Property
Client, young, bright teacher, was angered by her boyfriend. As a result of that anger she vandalized his car by keying it, consequently damaging it. At the conclusion of her moment of anger she bumped the car with her car when she left the area. Trove of background information was provided indicating that the couple have since fully resolved their differences. At the conclusion, agreement was made for client to be evaluated for anger issues, and if none exist, complaint will not issue.
RESULT: APPLICATION FOR COMPLAINT DOES NOT ISSUE, Contingent on anger evaluation within two months.


March 28th 2017
Larceny over $250.00
Client was a young mother who stole an item worth close to five hundred dollars. A conviction and even an admission to this felony charge would have been very destabilizing to her life. Attorney Barabino sat down with the attentive and professional district attorney. After consultation, an agreement was made for client to begin counseling, pay a five-hundred-dollar civil fee, and after a period of six-months, the case would in exchange be dismissed in its entirety.