All Charges, DISMISSED, Pre-Arraignment

October 7th 2019
Uninsured Motor Vehicle
Unregistered Motor Vehicle
Highway Civil Citation
A hard-working IT professional was charged with driving without insurance, registration and a civil violation. An oversight in his banking led to a non-payment of insurance, which led to an automatic suspension of his registration. Moreover, an oversight in paying for the ticket led to a warrant for his arrest. Fortunately, client and Attorney Barabino reviewed his case and prepared for an immediate turn in to the police station the next day. We consulted with the District Attorney and provided them the materials we had, indicating that the issue was an oversight and the client is an otherwise upstanding person with no criminal history. After consultation, they agreed to dismiss all the charges, including the civil charge, prior to arraignment. Since the charge was dismissed, PRIOR to arraignment it will never appear on his record.
RESULT: All Charges, DISMISSED, Pre-Arraignment.