NOT-GUILTY for reason of insanity.

September 23rd 2019
Civil Rights Violation(s)
Assault & Battery
Disorderly Conduct
An out-of-work beautician was charged with assault and battery, disorderly conduct and civil rights violations. According to police, he yelled insulting remarks to an innocent Asian woman, then grabbed her and pulled her arm. He was also disorderly. He was tackled to the ground by bystanders. The Commonwealth moved for a dangerousness hearing under the “58A” dangerousness statute. As a result, client was held in state custody since the event occurred in summer of 2018. Attorney Barabino had his client evaluated from a private forensic psychiatrist who opined that the defendant was not criminally responsible. That in combination with the Commonwealth’s doctor’s testimony led to a verdict of NOT GUILTY by reason of mental defect or disease. Client DISCHARGED.
RESULT: NOT- GUILTY for reason of insanity.