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Assault and Battery with a D/W (Dangerous Weapon), FELONY DISMISSAL

April 24th2018
Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon
Client, a young adolescent, was being bullied and simply didn’t want to be bullied any longer. Finally, client decided to challenge bully to fistfight and subsequently won the fight. However, after the fight bully and called police and an investigation followed. According to police, client had hit him multiple times, resulting in a concussion and other small injuries. However, the medical documentation that the District Attorney sought was not available and co-defendants that had also been involved in the fight were not able to provide evidence. In the end, Attorney Barabino and client sought and received a jury trial date and when the person who made the complaint failed to appear as a witness at the trial date, the case was forced to be dismissed. Felony Case Dismissed.
RESULT: Assault and Battery with a D/W ( Dangerous Weapon), FELONY DISMISSAL