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Leaving the Scene of Personal Injury, APPLICATION FOR COMPLAINT DISMISSED

January 10th 2013
Leaving the Scene of Personal Injury Chapter 90 Section 24
Client was a licensed electrician who was charged with leaving the scene of personal injury. According to police, client was exiting onto a roadway when he struck a jogger with his vehicle. After contact was made, client undisputedly left the scene. Jogger was taken by ambulance to the hospital. At Magistrate Hearing, Attorney Barabino was able to provide perspective to all involved, which included phone calls, potential witnesses, and maps of the area to aid his client's case. Based on all the information presented, it became clear that client left the area, only briefly, and only due to the aggressive conduct of the jogger after being struck. In the end, no complaint was issued.
RESULT: Application for Complaint, DISMISSED.

Leaving the Scene of Property Damage, DISMISSED

December 13th 2012
Leave Scene of Property Damage
Client was a hard working music teacher and single dad. According to police, he was in a parking lot and accidently hit another motor vehicle and purposely refused to stop. Client had no criminal history and an excellent driving record. The District Attorney’s main concern was that the other party being made whole and that they had no out-of-pocket expenses. Once that was confirmed, Prosecution simply dismissed the charge with a $200 court cost. Client was very pleased with end result. Case dismissed.
RESULT: Leaving the Scene of Property Damage, DISMISSED.