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One CHARGE DROPPED, Other CHARGE, Continued with no Conviction (CWOF)  

May 22nd 2019
Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime to Commit a Felony
Assault and Battery on person Disabled/Over 60
Client was a hardworking father who came from out-of-state to see a country concert at Gillette Stadium. He saw the concert and much more. He became intoxicated, very intoxicated and was rummaging through what he thought was his friend’s car only to find out that it was not. The owner of the vehicle confronted him, and a fight ensued and he, according to police struck the man several times. The man whose vehicle it was very angry (understandably). The victim was and continued to be upset as the nearly year-long case traveled through the court system. The district attorney had been having sought convictions for the entire year as the case proceeded though the court. Something we were unwilling to consider. The case was marked up for trial and the defendant and accuser and others negotiated with moments before the jury was to be selected. After a long discussion with the accuser, Attorney Barabino, client, client’s wife and the accuser shook hands and client apologized for what was a major mistake that should not have happened-but did. The accuser was gracious, respectful and decent. In the end, we negotiated a full-dismissal of the breaking and entering charge and an agreement for a deferred judgement for a year which if he accomplishes probation, the case will be dismissed from his record. The deferred judgment is technically called a continued without a finding or “CWOF” so that the person admits to the acts, but a judgment of guilty is withheld pending completion of probation requirement. The condition of probation was anger management and a three-thousand-dollar restitution payment.
RESULT: One CHARGE DROPPED, Other CHARGE, Continued with no Conviction (CWOF)