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August 11th 2017
Leave Scene of Property Damage
Client was a young man about to embark on his first year at college. However, in the interim break, before school started, he was in a car accident. After the accident, client fled the scene, and damaged two separate vehicles in his flight. Fortunately, parents reached out to Attorney Barabino early, and he was able to coordinate a clerk magistrate hearing within the four-day period by law. Hearing was held, with communication and documentation given to the parties involved beforehand. Result was no complaint issues.
RESULT: Complaint DOES NOT ISSUE, with agreement to provide insurance documentation within sixty (60) days to authorities.

Assault w/ a Dangerous Weapon, NO CRIMINAL COMPLAINT ISSUED

October 17th 2014
Assault with a Dangerous Weapon
Client was a hardworking cleaner with three children. She had a boyfriend who had a hard time letting go of their relationship and accused her of waving a knife at him. The police performed a thorough investigation, which was helpful to client. A Clerk's Hearing was ordered and at the hearing Clerk declined to issue the complaint. Although the hearing lasted fifteen minutes or less, Attorney Barabino and client had prepared nearly an entire day's worth of effort collecting documents and interviewing witnesses. In the end, the Complaint did not issue.

Larceny Over $250, NO COMPLAINT TO ISSUE

September 27th 2014
Larceny over $250.00
Client was a radio personality who was also a trustee of his condominium. In his role as trustee, he borrowed money without authority and failed to pay his personal condominium fee. The result was that he owed the the condominium board close to $25,000. The police were called and interviewed client. Client admitted that he owed funds. In the end, a significant effort was made by many people over nearly eight months to enter into an agreement whereby a promissory note attached to client's own mortgage would ensure that the funds are paid back. Police were willing to allow the parties to make the agreement without applying for a criminal complaint or indictment.
RESULT: Client pays back $24,248.68 via payment plan, NO COMPLAINT TO ISSUE.